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feature image for WHY Home Stay's When Travelling?

WHY Home Stay's When Travelling?

Why Authentic International Home Stay's & NOT all inclusives? A BIG and important part of Go Across Travel ( TO PANAMA ) is having our participant tra...

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feature image for Humanity In Real Time

Humanity In Real Time

Travel experiences like the one our new team just experienced this past September puts us all on the same playing field. We connected in these beautif...

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feature image for Our Friend Victor @LocalinPTY

Our Friend Victor @LocalinPTY

Our friend Victor is an amazing humanitarian working with children in the area of El Chorrillo near Casco Antiguo, the historic area. He is from Panam...

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feature image for Tom's Original Travel Story.

Tom's Original Travel Story.

I learned about travel abroad experiences through my older sister's childhood friend Julie who went to Russia for a year. She was not quite the same w...

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feature image for Why A Social Enterprise? Another Personal Story.

Why A Social Enterprise? Another Personal Story.

Sometimes people tell me I can't change the world, so why try? It's easy to be apathetic, people around the world are faced with many social and econo...

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feature image for Travel Shifts Your Reality. A personal Story.

Travel Shifts Your Reality. A personal Story.

I started traveling abroad when I was 21. I've learnt so much about myself and my strength with regards to, just figuring things out "on the fly". Of...

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feature image for Crush Thru Your Comfort Zone!

Crush Thru Your Comfort Zone!

To travel and moving away from home takes courage especially when others around you have a limited belief system or fear based attitude about travel o...

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feature image for Panamá 12-day Adventure Program.

Panamá 12-day Adventure Program.

We are so excited to bring groups of youth, families or professional groups with us to Panamá! Check out the short video!

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Sarah Troves

I was one of the first participants on the Go Across Travel Panamá youth groups. I saw some beautiful beaches and tried surfing which I LOVED! Our small group was so excited to be a part of it all. I liked that It's not a tour company but almost like a vision quest.....at times, I was so excited and then a bit scared of staying in an unfamiliar village with a dirt floor and roosters and geckos running around! We moved from one place in Panama to the next effortlessly. There is NO WAY I could have created those connections and introduction to the Panamanian people if I would have gone on my own. Once I arrived home and I started processing what we did and really saw, I was in awe. I will cherish the time in Panamá forever. I feel very blessed to have been able to take part in this experience!

Quebec City, Canada

Susan Bishop

My husband and I had a great private tour with Tom enjoying the old city of Panama. Besides his knowledge of the city and historical stories, we most enjoyed conversing with Tom regarding his efforts to give youth more engaging experiences in order to improve their lives. Thank you for a memorable trip!

Ontario, Canada

Rebekah Donovan

Skye, Tom, and the Go Across Travel team are amazing. Their genuine enthusiasm of Panamá and living as a global citizen is contagious. I had a FANTASTIC time visiting the Embera village, and stand up paddle boarding on a perfect, calm ocean bay! Helping teach English to children in the community village was also a highlight of my time in Panamá. I highly recommend the longer 12-day programs. It's an enriching, eye-opening, beautiful experience. A chance of a lifetime!

Denver, Colorado

Karolina Cadová

I was so lucky to be part of the Go Across Travel adventure, joining them on a trip to Panama this year ( 2018 ). I had some expectations before the trip, but the reality of it gave me so much much more than I could have ever wished. I received connections with local people in Panama, sharing in their lives for a while and I really saw everything from another perspective. It was such a honour and an amazing experience. You will find out there that life is not just about money, a great job and material things. People can be happy just to be with each other and surrouded by nature. I wish everybody had this amazing opportunity to go with Go Across Travel to Panama, and see this beautiful part of the world and local people there!

Canmore, Canada

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