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Our Friend Victor @LocalinPTY

Our friend Victor is an amazing humanitarian working with children in the area of El Chorrillo near Casco Antiguo, the historic area. He is from Panama, originated from the San Blas islands, some of the most beautiful islands in the world!

He considers himself a dreamer and visionary and so do we! As a child, he experienced the poor education standards, set by the government and also how expensive it was to learn English so, he taught himself. He is like us and believes in fighting poverty and social ignorance through tourism and volunteering... Improving lives of the underprivileged children in Panama City! He would like so much to share his vision, passion and his beautiful Panama, specially areas like El Chorrillo with our Go Across Travel participants. His mission in life is to keep children off the streets through various educational activities for local Panamanian children and their families. He has establish classes such as English, art, music, dance and more. Giving the children a chance to learn and gain self esteem and most importantly access to different people and choices.

We are so excited to bring our Canadian participants to Panamá in 2019 to meet Victor and explore this amazing place and the incredible people in Panamá!

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