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Bridge The Gap

We want to bring 5 Panamanian Youth ( ages 17-30 ) to Canada for a 21 day discovery program in 2018!

Your Leaders

Tom and Skye are Canadians that are legal residents of Panama. They have lived, with their families, for a combined 14 years in this amazing country.

Non Profit

After raising a total of $21,000 in only TWO months, funds went directly to charity.


Sarah Troves

I was one of the first participants on the Go Across Travel Panamá run thru experiences. I can see how this Panama travel adventure program will become very popular. I saw some beautiful beaches and tried surfing which I LOVED! Our small group was so excited to be a part of it all. I liked that It's not a tour company but almost like a vision quest.....at times, I was so excited and then a bit scared of staying in an unfamiliar village with a dirt floor and roosters and geckos running around! We moved from one place in Panama to the next effortlessly. There is NO WAY I could have created those connections and introduction to the Panamanian people if I would have gone on my own. Once I arrived home and I started processing what we did and really saw, I was in awe. I will cherish the time in Panamá forever. I feel very blessed to have been able to be a part of the beginning process of Go Across Travel with Skye, Tom and Saul.

Quebec City, Canada

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