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Humanity In Real Time

Travel experiences like the one our new team just experienced this past September puts us all on the same playing field. We connected in these beautiful moments in a way that releases all other labels and expectations. We got to witness dreams come true and perspectives shift before our eyes. This is our shared humanity in real time.

When creating and having new experiences together, across different countries of origin, socioeconomic profiles, race, and age we all come together through the adventure and new opportunities. I'm proud of our team and how they pulled together to focus on supporting each other and reflected on the team and individual experiences. The week gave all of us a chance to see where we thrive and what situations pushed us out of that comfort zone. This is EXACTLY what all our participants feel, adventure and culture shock which equals growth. The thrill of adventure, seeing new places, meeting new people and putting curiosity first over judgement is key.

In the end, if we can see the beauty in all people, in all humanity....sharing in the excitement from seeing a turtle for the first time, teaching English in a foreign country, catching your first wave, staying overnight and playing soccer in the rain in an indigenous village, or walking the streets of history in El Chorrillo and Casco Viejo. These are ALL learning experiences that make us get quiet, to reflect, to observe, to feel emotions you didn't know you would feel. THIS is the transformative perspective shifts that occur in immersive travel. Play it safe in an all inclusive resort or jump in with a group of caring people that want you to learn about the world around you and introduce you to the citizens of one of the most diverse and beautiful places on earth. The choice is yours.

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