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Our Mission


Our Mission 

We are dedicated to delivering AMAZING educational & memorable travel programs. Our passion has been to create travel programs that benefit the citizens of Panama as well as the international visitor. Whether our international participants are in a host family home in the interior of panama, teaching english in a local school, or going taking a fun surf class, it is our TOP priority that the experience and adventure benefits EVERYONE. Both sides and cultures of people look forward to these cross cultural opportunities. It is never one sided. 

Together you are helping plant the seeds for all the participants to learn more about the world and each other, get excited about conserving the planet, and have a lot of fun while doing it!   


How Do We Do This?  

Our team prioritizes local traditions, natural resources, and highlights the importance of a cross-cultural exchange that excites both the international and resident Panamanians that are participating! 

 We work & collaborate directly with the residents of a small town in the interior of Panamá. They are part of the decisions that are being made for the economic growth and sustainability of their town. The mayor, elders, and the public school principal are very excited about what the Go Across Travel program offers their community.

 We have a strong collaborating team that believes in our mission and we believe in theirs. We encourage each other, help each other with any questions, concerns, and/or when we want to collaborate on direct projects together. They are all experts in their fields and we are very blessed to have them on our extended support team. 

Conquering and overcoming limited beliefs about other people, cultures, and places is very important to us. We believe the journey to becoming more of an empathetic, and ethical global citizen begins with travel and international exchanges. 

We offer travel abroad scholarships to our Panamanian YOUTH LEADERS/COMMUNITY LIASONS. It is important that our entire team get the opportunity to gain international travel opportunities. 

  We encourage North American youth to take part in a give back to their community campaign each year.  We work with legal non-profits, offering the top fundraising participant a trip of a lifetime, a 12-day educational adventure program to Panamá. 


This is a short conversation we had with a film crew in the little town we take our participants into for the homestay component. * This video is also found in the OUR TEAM section of this website.  

The prosperity of one individual, one company or one nation is interdependent with the prosperity of others. By giving, we gain and help build sustainable future for generations to come. ~ Mr. Armand Arton - Global Citizen Foundation.


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