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Hi! Welcome to Go Across Travel!

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Tom and Skye are Canadians that are legal residents of Panama. They have lived, with their families, for a combined 14 years in this amazing country. They have travelled extensively all over the diverse little isthmus ( a narrow strip of land connecting two relatively large land areas ) called Panamá!

We have become friends with many people living in Panama have made many connections thru our network of friends/colleagues for a insider view of what we believe to be THE REAL PANAMA.

Skye has volunteered in Panama becoming the president ( for two years ) of non-profit to help impoverished girls gain access to a secondary education. This experience really opened her eyes into the struggles that many Panamanian youth have. Therefore, it is Go Across Travel's mission to assist and support youth in Panama to get ahead in life. We do this by creating jobs within Panama's community liaison positions. These youth are our AMBASSADORS and your link to bridging the gap within the family home-stay portion of the programs. Our Go Across Travel Ambassadors will be the first youth to have the opportunity to travel abroad thru our scholarship fund.

Tom and Skye have built businesses within Panamá gaining trust with citizens of Panama. They have both spent the years in Panamá surfing, hiking, swimming in both oceans ( Caribbean and Pacific ), competed in many cross county running races and triathlons, explored the mountain towns, lived in the beach community of Coronado and experienced much of what Panamá city has to offer!

Tom has extensive experience creating youth travel programs in Quebec Canada and as a tour guide within Panamá. Skye has a heart for travelling abroad and pushing her children and the community to do more for the less privilaged. Over the last 14 years she has created fundraising events for Central Alberta Sexual Assault Services, thru a brand she created called, Passionate Forward. In Canada and Panamá she initiated and orchestrated the MONEY BOMB competition that inspired groups and individuals to raise a total of $21,000.00 in only TWO competitions ( lasting only one month each ). These funds went directly to the Central Alberta Sexual Assault Centres education program. Teaching children thru a C.A.R.E. ( Challenge Abuse Thru Respect Education ) program about appropriate and inappropriate touch.

The Money Bomb Competition in Panamá raised over $8000 for young Panamanian girls and helped assist them in the opportunity to attend university. This is something they would NEVER be able to dream about because they realistically could not financially manage it on their own.

Tom and Skye's experience has enabled them to create a travel discovery program like no other. ​With the help of their sweet friend Sául ( a Panamanian ) that helps them, they continue to "Bridge The Gap" for groups to experience & understand the REAL Panamá!

Hi! Welcome to Go Across Travel!

We want to bring 5 Panamanian Youth ( ages 17-30 ) to Canada for a 21-day discovery program in 2018!

Join us in helping BRIDGE THE GAP between cultures. Giving these youth an opportunity to travel abroad is a dream so many could not even fathom. Did you know %60 of Panamanians wouldn't even dream of ever driving a vehicle, never mind fly on a plane to another country? This is a dream opportunity GO ACROSS TRAVEL wants to provide for them. To fund this 21-day discovery program in Canada, for Panamanian youth, we have envisioned and are making our vision/mission a reality. Which is, do what WE love in the process....TRAVEL and bring WESTERNERS ( youth, the active adult and corporate team building groups ) to Panamá in a way that no one else is. GO ACROSS TRAVEL PROGRAMS GET PEOPLE EXCITED ABOUT THEIR LIVES! They will discover themselves abroad with GO ACROSS TRAVEL & our PURPOSE FILLED adventure programs! Part of the proceeds of these programs will go directly back into the reciprocity program for Panamanian youth.


Our friends at istmoretreat.com rented us our paddle boards for the video above. Thanks, Sean & Ayesha!


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