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The Aspiring Traveler must submit his dully completed GAT Application either in person after a live GAT presentation in a school or community or online through the “Apply Now” link of the GAT website. There are no commitments in submitting an application because each Aspiring Traveler’s application must be reviewed by the GAT Team, and only the ones selected will be authorized to participate in a GAT Program.

Within 10 business days (approx.) of receiving a GAT Application, the GAT Team will contact the Aspiring Traveler in regards to acceptance into the Program, rejection, or to request complementary information. If accepted, the GAT Team will notify the Aspiring Traveler by email and/or phone with the instructions to become an official GAT Traveler by registering online and completing the GAT Traveler Agreement.


To reserve a space on the Program, each Traveler must complete the GAT Traveler Agreement and submit it to the GAT Team with a $100.00 USD non-refundable, non-transferable deposit for this amazing 10 Days discovery and adventure challenge going across Panama in Central America. Spaces are limited for each departure date. The GAT Team reserves spaces for Travelers on a first-come, first-served basis, in the exact order that their GAT Traveler Agreement and deposit are received. The GAT Program’s Departure Date assigned to each Traveler is determined by the GAT Teams’ logistical and overall coordination needs. The GAT Team does take in consideration, but is not bound by, the Traveler’s Departure Date preferences and Friend preferences (placement on the same GAT Program as one or more friend) as specified in the GAT Traveler Agreement.


Any Traveler who leaves voluntarily or is required to leave the GAT Program before completion of the GAT Program will not be refunded by the GAT Team for any portion of the GAT Program fees or related expenditures. Travelers who leave may not be permitted to re-join the GAT Program or attend the same venues or activities. The GAT Team will not assume any responsibility for any Traveler once they have left the GAT Program. This policy includes any Traveler being removed from the GAT Program by request of the GAT Team for breach of contract, conduct violations, medical/health concerns or personal reasons.

Travelers who leave the GAT Program due to medical or personal reasons (injury/illness or family crisis at home) should refer to the travel insurance provider, which may provide for partial or full recovery of their Program fees and expenditures, depending on the reason for leaving. Travelers who leave the Program for medical reasons (i.e., illness or injury requiring medical treatment or a short stay in the hospital) or personal reasons (i.e., funeral or wedding) may be permitted to re-join the Program at the discretion of the GAT Team.


TThe $100.00 USD non-refundable, non-transferable deposit must be paid to the GAT Team, and the GAT Program Agreement must be duly submitted in order to reserve a spot on a GAT Program. The deposit will assure the GAT Team of the Traveler’s commitment to get involved in the Program and allow the GAT Team to book all reservations for the Traveler. Traveler’s space is not guaranteed until both the Traveler Agreement and the non-refundable, non-transferable $100.00 USD Program deposit are received by the GAT Team. Upon receipt of the completed Agreement and non-refundable, non-transferable deposit, the GAT Team will allocate the Traveler a space in a GAT Program depending on availability, logistics, and Traveler’s departure date and friend preferences. The Traveler will then be sent an email with a receipt for the deposit and the confirmation of the GAT Program allocated which includes the departure date and the pre-departure travel folder with all the necessary details.

Monies paid to GAT will never be transferred from one Traveler to another. Travelers with financial difficulties may contact GAT to receive instructions on GAT’s payment option for the deposit ($50.00 USD with the Agreement and $50.00 USD within 30 days).


A minimum payment of $500.00 USD in addition to the Program deposit is due 90 days prior to the departure date. This payment allows GAT to prepay expenses including, booking deposits, equipment rentals, Travelers’ kits, staff and collaborators’ preparation.

Any and all payments for the GAT Program cost (including fundraising payments) are due in the GAT office on or before 65 days prior to the departure date.

GAT will email an invoice 75 days (approx.) prior to departure date. This invoice will show all payments received and the balance due. Any late payment will incur a $50.00 USD late fee charged by the GAT Team.

If all payments are not received in full by the GAT Team 65 days prior to departure, the GAT Team will consider that Traveler has cancelled (unless the GAT Team has officially approved a written exception request by the Traveler). Traveler will then be notified of the cancellation of his Program Agreement via email and the related cancellation fees will be applied as specified in the “Cancellation and Refund Policy”. Once the Program Agreement is cancelled the Travelers spot for that departure date is released and even if the Traveler is later readmitted to participate in a GAT Program the departure date of the late agreement cannot be guaranteed.


Part of the GAT experience is to taste food, drinks, and ingredients from various cuisines that are exotic and different to the Travelers’ common diet. This can be delectable at times, but also requires an open mind and some respectful commitment.

All Programs include at least 75% of all meals (100% of breakfasts, 80% of lunches, and 50% of dinners). When exploring areas with gastronomic diversity, the Travelers will choose between various restaurants (mostly dinners in the city). In these occurrences the cost of those meals will be the responsibility of the Traveler.

Meals included in the GAT Program will showcase the local cuisine. A vegetarian alternative will be available at each meal. Travelers with dietary requirements may supplement the included meals at their own expense. Foods normally consumed at home may not be available during the Program. Travelers are responsible of showing up at the prescribed time and place to eat their included meals. No refund or replacement will be made for meals that were not consumed by the Travelers. Meals during transit to and from your house to the GAT Program are not included. Meals before the welcome dinner on Day Zero and after the breakfast on day 11 will be the traveler’s responsibility.

Travelers must inform GAT of any known food allergies and/or dietary requirements on the provided Medical Questionnaire.


On the arrival day of the GAT Program (DAY ZERO) Travelers must present themselves at the Program Check-In held at the assigned GAT hotel. At the Check-In Travelers will be presented with a GAT adventure kit, assigned to a first squad of Travelers, and given important information to get settled in. At the Welcome Dinner that same night, Travelers will meet and present themselves as well as the GAT Team. Travelers will also be informed of their first upcoming challenges, and any remaining questions will be addressed. These two compulsory meetings will serve as orientations to prepare the Travelers as well as presenting the GAT philosophy, and breaking the ice within the group.


Travelers will be treated as responsible adults and therefore are expected to comprehend and apply the following conduct at all times:

Observe the laws of the country, the terms of the GAT Program, the rules of specific activities, and the instructions from the GAT Team members or other instructors. Treat others with the same trust, respect, and fairness that you would like them to show you. Look out for the wellbeing of yourself and others. Be on time to activities and meeting points. Report unacceptable behaviors to the GAT Team. Talk to a GAT Team member if you have any concerns. Demonstrate by your actions that you are trying new experiences outside of your comfort zone, challenging yourself in a safe way, and keeping an open mind. Circulate in public places with a buddy and notify the GAT Team before leaving the group or predetermined area of activity.


If a legal dispute occurs between the parties of the GAT Program Agreement with regard to any of the clauses, conditions or the performance of any Terms and Conditions of the Agreement, all forms of dispute resolution, including mediation, arbitration and legal proceedings of any kind, shall be brought exclusively in Panama City, Province of Panama, Republic of Panama where Go Across Travel is registered. The parties to the Program Agreement submit, agree and attorn to jurisdiction in Panama City, Province of Panama, Republic of Panama in all forums for mediation, arbitration and legal proceedings, including any court actions. If a party brings any action or proceeding in any other location or forum other than Panama City, Province of Panama, Republic of Panama, the other party shall have a right to have said action or proceeding transferred to Panama City, Province of Panama, Republic of Panama by stipulation of the parties, and the party bringing the action or proceeding shall cooperate accordingly.


Any formal Cancellation of Program partaking by the Traveler must be communicated in writing by the Traveler (by email or mail with confirmation of receipt by GAT). Verbal cancellations will not be accepted. Traveler must inform both GAT and the travel cancelation insurance provider of the cancellation. If the insurer considers that the reason for cancellation is within the coverage of the insurance policy then the provider may refund the Traveler. If the Traveler’s insurance claim is denied, the Traveler can then present proof of the insurance provider’s declination of the claim to GAT, and the GAT Cancellation Policy will apply as follows:
All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Program arrangements require GAT to make financial commitments on Traveler’s behalf in advance of the departure date. When GAT receives Traveler's written cancellation, a cancellation fee will be incurred. The amount of the cancellation fee is determined by the number of days prior to the Traveler's departure date that the written cancellation notice is received and is specified as follows:

  1. On or before 60 days prior to departure 100% of Program costs (less the non-refundable and non-transferable deposit) will be refunded.
  2. 259 days to 30 days prior to departure 50% of program costs (less the non-refundable and non-transferable deposit) will be refunded.
  3. 29 days to 14 days prior to departure 25% of program costs (less the non-refundable and non-transferable deposit) will be refunded.
  4. 13 days or less prior to departure 0% of program costs will be refunded.

Cancellation refunds will be made after the conclusion of the GAT Program season (September to November 2017). In the presumed case of any overpayment, the Traveler’s account will be reviewed and refunds will be made after the conclusion of the GAT Program season (September to November 2017). Any Traveler who cancels their GAT Program will be given a non-transferable $100.00 USD voucher only redeemable towards a future GAT Program and valid for the two following GAT Program seasons. The Program itinerary is subject to modifications and changes by GAT without notice. Every reasonable effort will be made to operate the Program as planned; however, should unforeseen world events and local conditions require our itinerary to be altered or cancelled, GAT reserves the right to do so for the safety and best interest of the group. If such issues arise and GAT is forced to cancel a Program within 60 days of departure, no refund can be given by GAT, and GAT will issue the Traveler a non-transferable voucher for Program costs paid only redeemable towards a future GAT Program and valid for the two following GAT Program seasons.


GAT requires that all Travelers must purchase travel medical insurance and travel cancellation insurance through XXXX with sufficient coverage for the duration of the GAT Program. This purchase can be made from the XXXX link on the GAT website. As many Travelers are minors the GAT Team is concerned by the effectiveness of the insurance policy and the consistency of procedures in case of emergencies, claims and cancelations. For these reasons GAT requires XXXX coverage as a trusted and safe partner. Travelers must provide the GAT Team with a clear copy of coverage policy details no later than 120 days prior to departure. GAT requires that the Traveler purchases travel insurance as early as possible once accepted on the GAT Program. Travelers are responsible to familiarize themselves with their insurance policy. GAT is not responsible for any insurance actions, exclusions or omissions.

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